Splash your artwork to a whole new level with Aquash watercolour oil pastels and water brush

Whatever it is you want to illustrate, whether it is the vastness of the Iguazu Falls, a pretty flower in a garden, or a simple abstract design on a greeting card, Aquash Pastels makes a perfect companion. Suitable for any type of art, from traditional to pop, from simple to complex, it includes soluble oil pastels of vibrant colours as well as a water brush. Both pastel and watercolour artworks are achievable with just one set. The pastels and water brush work very well together to perform various techniques and infinite range of shades. Extra equipment for washing is unnecessary. Simply prepare your canvas with Aquash Pastels and you are all ready to excel your creativity.

Aquash watercolour oil pastel and water brush
Aquash watercolour oil pastel and water brush
Aquash pastels (24 colors)Aquash pastels (12 colors)
Aquash pastels (24 colors)
Aquash pastels (12 colors)
Watercolour Oil Pastels

Not only does Aquash watercolour oil pastels have the basic characteristics of a general oil pastel, it is smooth and water soluble. Its combination with the water brush makes drawing and blending colours very easy. Due to its bright pigments, vivid illustrations are possible even when dissolved in water. It is ideal for drawing, watercolour painting, and creating colour gradients.

Water Brush

Friendly to beginners and adequate to experts as well, Aquash water brush is compact and casually usable. There is no need for a container of water, as water is held in the barrel. Water control is easy, suitable for handling small areas. The extremely durable nylon tip is long-lasting and absorbs water very well, matching perfectly with the watercolour oil pastels.

How to Use
Watercolour Oil Pastel Techniques

Use the side of the watercolour oil pastels to colour large surfaces.


Use tissues or your fingers to shade off colours.

Mixing Colours

Apply colours over other colours and blend to create new ones.

Watercolouring Techniques
Creating colour mixtures and gradients

Blend the oil pastels with the water brush to mix colours and form gradients.

Paper as a Pallete

The oil pastels can be used like paint by applying them on paper and pulling colours from them with a water brush.

How to Use the Water Brush
Filling water

Turn the brush holder to open the barrel. Fill the barrel with water, and tightly screw the holder back.


Soak the brush tip with water by squeezing the barrel to dissolve, blend, and thin colours.

Cleaning the brush tip

Wash the brush tip by wiping it on a paper towel while releasing plenty of water.


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